Lake Sandoval Peru – Cachuela Parrot Clay Lick Peru Tour Overview

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Green Jungle Peru. Join us on the SANDOVAL LAKE & CACHUELA PARROTS CLAY LICK 4 Day tour. Experience a journey that takes you through the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. 

This tour promises a memorable exploration of Lake Sandoval Peru. It is one of the most mesmerizing natural wonders in the Tambopata National Reserve. As we set off from the bustling city of Puerto Maldonado, we embark on a unique journey. We will delve into a world where the lush Amazon rainforest meets the vast Amazon Basin.

We will navigate the serene waters of Lake Sandoval. It is a shimmering oasis located in the Tambopata National Reserve, Southern Peru. This protected area is a haven for a diverse array of flora and fauna. 

Prepare to marvel as the towering palm trees cast their reflections and the vibrant hues of the sky dance on the lake’s glassy surface. During our boat rides, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive black caiman. Also, look out for playful squirrel monkeys, showcasing the rich biological diversity of this region.

Our journey will take us to the renowned Parrot Clay Lick Peru, an unparalleled spectacle in the Peruvian Amazon. Here, we will witness the colorful dance of macaws and a variety of species of birds. 

They gather at the macaw clay lick, a natural phenomenon unique to this part of the world. These magnificent birds display their beauty against the backdrop of the lush rainforest. This scene is a photographer’s dream and a nature lover’s paradise.

Discover the Night-time Wonders of the Amazon

As night falls, we will engage in thrilling night walks, an opportunity to experience the Amazon rainforest’s nocturnal life. The symphony of sounds from howler monkeys will accompany us. Additionally, the rustling of leaves will add an air of mystery to our adventure. 

Staying at the Lodge, we will enjoy a comfortable place to rest amidst the natural splendor of the rainforest.

Throughout the year, the tour adapts to the seasonal changes of the Amazon. During the dry season, we will explore areas that are unreachable in the rainy season. Conversely, the rainy season brings new life and vibrancy to the rainforest. This offers a different perspective on this incredible ecosystem.

Our experienced guides will ensure a safe and enriching experience. They will be sharing their knowledge of the area’s ecosystem and the importance of conservation. 

This journey is more than just a tour. It is an immersive experience into the heart of the Amazon. This offers a chance to connect with nature and discover the wonders of the Amazon Basin.

Join us on this incredible four-day adventure.Witness the unparalleled beauty of Lake Sandoval Peru. Also, experience the mesmerizing spectacle of the Parrot Clay Lick in the Tambopata National Reserve.

Lake Sandoval Peru Tour Overview:

  • TOUR SCHEDULE: Sandoval Lake 4D & 3N
  • TRANSPORTATION: By car and boat.
  • ACTIVITIES: Hiking, paddle boat ride, botanical walk, palm lick, caimaneo (caimaneo), night walk.
  • CLOTHING RECOMMENDATION: Do not wear black clothing, it attracts mosquitoes, wear light clothing and neutral colors to nature (green, beige, brown, gray.), insect repellent and sunscreen are essential in the jungle.
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: Flashlights with extra batteries, rain poncho, sunglasses, swimwear, hats or caps, medium size backpack, cameras, binoculars, sandals, extra money and water bottle.


Day 1: Puerto Maldonado – Monkey Island – Tambopata National Reserve – Night Tour

Embark on an exciting first day of the Lake Sandoval and Cachuela Parrot Clay Lick Peru tour with Green Jungle Peru. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Amazon. Your adventure begins with a warm welcome at the airport or bus station. 

We will then promptly transfer you to our Green Jungle Tours office for registration. This sets the stage for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

A Scenic Journey to the Heart of the Amazon

We will then proceed to our pier, where a 40-minute boat ride awaits to take us to our hotel. On arrival, a refreshing juice made from regional fruits will greet you. This will be offering a delightful taste of the local flavors. 

Our guide will introduce you to the hotel’s policies, ensuring you are well-informed and comfortable. Next, we will settle into our rooms, providing you with a serene space to relax and unwind.

Visit to the Monkey Island:

After a short rest, we will embark on a visit to the enchanting Monkey Island. This island nestles in the middle of the Madre de Dios River, just a few minutes from our hotel. 

Here, you will witness a variety of monkey species, including a unique hybrid species. If we’re lucky, we might also spot sloths and turtles. We will then return to the hotel for a sumptuous lunch.

Following lunch, and perhaps a brief siesta, a two-hour hike through the dense tropical forest awaits you. Led by an expert local guide, our trail will reveal a plethora of medicinal plants and ancient trees, some over six hundred years old. 

This hike provides numerous opportunities to observe wildlife, including monkeys, parrots, macaws, squirrels, reptiles, insects, frogs, and arachnids. This trek within the Tambopata National Reserve allows you to feel the pure energy of the jungle. It also offers the chance to experience magical moments.

As night descends, our journey continues. We will take a boat ride in search of nocturnal animals along the banks of the Madre de Dios River. You will have the opportunity to spot various sizes of alligators, owls, and nightjars. 

Hopefully, we might also see the world’s largest rodent, the capybara. We’ll return to the hotel for dinner, concluding an exhilarating first day.

First Day Statistics:

  • Distance Covered: Approximately 40 minutes by boat to the hotel, plus excursions.
  • Highest Altitude: The tour remains at a low altitude within the Amazon Basin.
  • Lowest Altitude: The tour primarily takes place at river level in the Amazon Basin.
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, with accessible hikes and boat rides.

Day 2: Tambopata National Reserve – Matsiguenka Native Community Visit

On the second day of the Lake Sandoval and Cachuela Parrot Clay Lick Peru tour with Green Jungle Peru, we will begin our day. Our start will be early in the morning. This early start allows us to fully embrace the morning hours. This allows us to experience the rich wildlife of Sandoval Lake. 

The day starts with a pre-dawn boat ride towards Sandoval Lake, nestled within the Tambopata National Reserve. This time of day is ideal for observing the diverse wildlife that thrives here.

To reach Lake Sandoval, we will trek along a nearly 3 km (1.8 miles) wooden path. This walk is an opportunity to encounter the abundant fauna of the region. At the path’s end, a small dock awaits, where we will board a rowboat for an immersive tour of Lake Sandoval. 

On this journey, we might see black caimans, giant otters, herons, turtles, monkeys, macaws, wild ducks, and much more. We will return to the lodge before noon for lunch, replenishing our energy for the afternoon’s adventures.

Matsiguenka Native Community Visit

In the afternoon, we will visit a family belonging to the “Matsigenka” culture. This visit offers a unique chance to interact with the natives and learn about their culture. 

We will engage in various activities. These activities include using bows and arrows, and spinning and weaving cotton for their traditional clothing called Cushma. Another activity involves making ropes from plant bark. 

Additionally, we will learn their ingenious methods of making fire using only natural materials.This cultural exchange promises to be an enlightening experience. After this visit, we will return to the hotel for a restful break.

As dusk falls, the jungle reveals its majestic nocturnal life, starkly different from its daytime persona. For this evening tour, armed with flashlights, we will venture into the trails in search of nocturnal wildlife. This includes creatures like porcupines, sloths, arachnids, insects, reptiles, opossums, night monkeys, and owls. After this exhilarating nocturnal exploration, we will return to the hotel for dinner and a well-deserved rest.

Second Day Statistics:

  • Distance Covered: Approximately 3 km (1.8 miles) walk to Lake Sandoval, plus additional excursions.
  • Highest Altitude: The tour continues at a low altitude within the Amazon Basin.
  • Lowest Altitude: The exploration occurs predominantly at river level in the Amazon Basin.
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, involving walking, rowboating, and cultural interactions.

Day 3: Macaw Clay Lick – Local Farm Visit – Jungle Exploration

On the third day of the Lake Sandoval and Cachuela Parrot Clay Lick Peru tour with Green Jungle Peru, we will start our adventure. Our journey will begin at dawn. We’ll begin by navigating upstream on the Madre de Dios River for about 50 minutes. 

This early morning boat ride offers a chance to witness something spectacular. You can see the radiant sunrise, a natural display unique to the Amazon.

A Majestic Morning at La Cachuela Clay Lick

Our destination is the renowned parrot and macaw clay lick “La Cachuela.” Here, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to observe various species. You’ll see medium-sized macaws, parrots, and parakeets on the river cliffs.

On a good day, you might see up to seven species of these vibrant birds. These birds visit the clay lick daily in the mornings to ingest clay containing essential mineral salts. This unique behavior aids in their digestion and metabolism. After soaking in this unforgettable experience, we will return to the hotel for breakfast.

Post-breakfast, we will visit a local farm to gain insights into agricultural practices in the rainforest. This visit will include learning about plant grafting and soil types. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to taste and see typical rainforest plantations. These include coffee, various types of cocoa, citrus fruits, ingas, bananas, and more. We’ll head back to the hotel around noon.

After a delightful Amazonian lunch and a short rest, we will embark on a walk. During this walk, we will discuss the giant trees of the Amazon. Our walk leads us to an ancient tree, over 700 years old. Here begins our journey across the hanging bridges installed between the trees. 

This canopy-level exploration offers a unique perspective on the forest’s rich fauna. While walking along the bridges, we might see toucans, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, monkeys, lizards, orchids, and epiphyte plants, among others.

Third Day Statistics:

Distance Covered: 50-minute boat ride upstream, plus walking excursions.

Highest Altitude: The tour remains at a low altitude within the Amazon Basin.

Lowest Altitude: Predominantly at river level in the Amazon Basin.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate, involving boat travel, walking, and canopy exploration.


Day 4: Tambopata National Reserve – Puerto Maldonado

On the fourth and final day of the Lake Sandoval and Cachuela Parrot Clay Lick Peru tour with Green Jungle Peru, we will embark. Our embarkation will be on an adventure. This will be a memorable sport fishing experience. 

After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we will set out in our boat. This journey is to experience the rich ichthyofauna of the jungle’s water bodies.

We will have the opportunity to fish for a variety of species. These include catfish, cichlids, eels, and freshwater stingrays, among many others. This excursion offers a unique chance to engage with the Amazon’s aquatic life in a sustainable and respectful manner.

Following our fishing adventure, we will return to the city. Here, we will pick up any luggage you may have left in our office. We will then ensure a smooth transition to your next destination. 

This includes transferring you to the airport or taking you to the bus station if you have a bus ticket. This marks the end of an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. The journey is full of lasting memories and experiences.

Fourth Day Statistics:

  • Distance Covered: The excursion involves a boat ride for sport fishing, plus the return trip to the city.
  • Highest Altitude: The tour continues at a low altitude within the Amazon Basin.
  • Lowest Altitude: Activities predominantly take place at river level in the Amazon Basin.
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, primarily involving boat travel and fishing activities.


  • Entrance tickets to the Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Fluvial and terrestrial transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Reception from the airport or bus station.


  • All gratuities
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Rubber boots
  • Flight tickets
  • Snacks

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