Green Jungle Tours


Green Jungle Tours mission is to provide an authentic service in Geo tourism and Ecotourism making impressive trips, making us distinguish ourselves from other travel agencies in order to achieve exceed the expectations of our travelers.


To have leadership in the Peruvian tourism market, providing quality service, reliability and responsibility so that our traveler will be pleased for having chosen Green Jungle Tours.


Make the tours not only of experience, but also of great learning about our culture and biodiversity, based on our travel prices that each person or family has scope for it and we help to increase the culture of each traveler who visits Peru.


  • Give improvement to the quality of services currently offered.
  • To be recognized in the tourist market for the best quality of our services.
  • Offer comfortable costs according to the pocket of each client.
  • Give a unique and personalized service to the traveler, based on their requirement.
  • Be a competitive tourism company in the shortest possible time.
  • Always provide private tours so that our travelers feel more comfortable and pleased.