Green Jungle Tours


The traveler must give detailed information of diets or allergies to avoid any inconvenience in each hotel, remember that in many cases our hotels are very far from the city.

For a better quality of attention of GREEN JUNGLE TOURS if you have or suffer from any disease it would be very important for us to know this information in order to give you the right food according to your condition.

Remember that we keep this information confidential.

Green Jungle Tours


The excursions are made depending on the group of travelers less than 8 travelers mini bus and more than 8 travelers we use custers for mobility, in case of jungle we have boat service with roof and an outboard motor to navigate rivers, with a maximum of 16 travelers per boat.

Green Jungle Tours


We work with experienced guides with very good foreign language English, French and German with a wide knowledge of the place where they work jungle.

The guide is the one who waits with a sign with the logo of the company “GREEN JUNGLE TOURS”, in which are written the names of the travelers who arrive at our destination so you as a traveler will not feel lost at the airport.

Green Jungle Tours


The order and schedules of the excursions may be modified according to your local guide as seen fit through coordination with the administrator by consideration of the physical condition of the traveler, and the weather at the time.

Conditions where excursions may be rescheduled or perhaps cancelled include: high winds, torrential rains and continuous lightning, your local guide will provide you with better information.

Green Jungle Tours